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Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or bachelorette party, make it amazing…you deserve it.

Fri. & Sat. Celebration  Packages

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Hold on tight, because performances will be overhead! SAX takes performances to the ceiling, as our aerialists will treat you to suspended surprises and a variety of acrobatic marvels. Indulge in a $35 prix fixe or our à la carte dinner menu, specialty cocktails, and more, while enjoying SAX's most daring aerialist performances yet. 

Cirque du SAX FRIDAY is BACK!

On Fridays the curtain will rise again... 

for your favorite weekly SAX event, Cirque du SAX! Featuring aerialist performances, acrobatic acts, and live dance entertainment to compliment dinner and bottle service, let our Cirque-style novelty actst ake you into the late hours every Friday night.